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Issue 194

May 2019

Beer/Cider Of The Month | The Good Tap | Tap Feature | Trivia Night XIII | Leah's Beer School | Featured Shows


Beer/Cider Of The Month

Good Time Session IPA

4.0%, 25 IBU, Beau's All Natural Brewing

Good Time Session IPA delivers fruity hop aromas and full flavour in an easy-to-enjoy light ale. Brewed with organic nelson sauvin and centennial hops, this beer is juicy and refreshing, with subtle hop bitterness and a clean finish.

Rosehip Hibiscus Cider

6.7%, Sulker's

Sulker’s Cider is crafted to provide an alternative to an Ontario market dominated by over-sweetened, mainstream import ciders. Made with 100% Ontario apples, this cider is refreshingly and crisp with subtle floral notes and a tart, dry finish.


A Buck-A-Beer For The Better: The Good Tap

Blood Orange Saison

5.5% 20 IBU, Henderson Brewery

The Good Tap is a monthly rotating tap feature curated by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. This month, the Ladies and Henderson Brewing bring us Blood Orange Saison, a fruit forward and effervescent brew, with a burst of bright citrus and subtle notes of banana and spice. This beer finishes tart and dry, encouraging another sip.

Donations of $1 for every pint and $0.50 from every half pint will go directly to the Ladies charity of choice, the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Tap Feature

We’re just finalizing the details for May’s tap feature, so be sure to check in with us via Facebook and Instagram to find out the latest news. 

Our monthly feature will include some great Collective Arts brews, as well as a chance to win 2 tickets to Liquid Arts Fest in Hamilton.


Trivia Night XIII

Water Cooler Trivia

Wednesday May 15, 8:00 PM, Free Admission

There are super fans of everything from science to music to transit planning that live for the smallest tidbit related to their interest. The common language of interesting facts can be judged by what will engage everyone around the water cooler. This month we will explore the depths of all things superficial.


Leah's Beer School

Lesson 6: Mixed Fermentation

Prior to technological advancements in the mid-nineteenth century, all beer was to some degree, sour.  Poor sanitation and naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria were to blame for infecting beer, giving it an undesirable sour quality. The advent of pasteurization and refrigeration really changed the beer game, allowing for clean, crisp beers to take the main stage. 

Although it’s a time-honoured tradition in Belgium, the demand for sour beer is a relatively new concept in North America. In craft brewing today, sours are generally made through a process called mixed-fermentation. As opposed to single-culture fermentation, where a single strain of yeast is used, mixed fermentation involves a blend of yeast and bacteria strains that work symbiotically to convert sugars into alcohol. Most often, a yeast strain called Brettanomyces is combined with two types of bacteria, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. 

Brettanomyces, or Brett, is a sub-category of yeast, considered to be “wild” because it grows naturally on fruit skins. Brett works to convert available sugars into alcohol, as well as producing fruit esters such as pineapple, stone fruit, honey etc. or funky phenols that can include barnyard, horse blanket, hay, or medicinal flavours.  

There is a common misconception that Brett makes beer sour, but it’s actually the addition of the bacteria that creates the tart and acidic quality in beer. Lactobacillus or “Lacto” works to increase its acidity, leaving a clean, sour taste. Pediococcus “Pedio” works in much the same way as Lacto, but can also add unwanted funky phenols to the beer. 

Off-flavours may present after primary fermentation. The symbiosis of yeast and bacteria is particularly evident in secondary fermentation, when the Brett continues to clean up beer, consuming dead yeast cells and metabolizing any undesirable by-products. 

Brewing a sour beer is a complex process and working with wild yeast strains can yield some unexpected results. The good news is that with dedication of many talented craft brewers, there is no shortage of amazing and innovative mouth-puckering brews for us to choose.


Featured Shows

C'est What's 19th Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash

Featuring: Virgil Kinsley and the Complete Unknowns

Friday May 24, 9 PM, Free Admission, $10 suggested contribution

The Complete Unknowns is a celebration of the music of Bob Dylan. Covering Dylan's material spanning his prolific career, the band provides a complete Dylan experience that showcases his songs and musical influences, paying homage to and bringing new life to his music


Bob Wegner: Echoes From The Gate To The Wall

A Pink Floyd tribute with special guest Victoria Yeh

Sunday May 26, 7:00 PM, Pay What You Can

Bob Wegner started creating music at the age of 5 playing piano, before picking up a guitar for the first time at the age of 12. After several years of teaching at music studios and playing in many theatre productions, Bob auditioned for Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor, landing the role as one of two guitarists in the We Will Rock You musical in Toronto. 

Come out for an evening of great music, as Bob performs solo on acoustic guitar, playing anything from Indian classical music to flamenco to Bach to complete classic rock albums. 

Victoria Yeh is a Toronto-based acoustic and electric violinist, who performs at hundreds of events across the country. Classically trained, Victoria’s unique style combines classical purity with the edginess of prog fusion to present the violin as it has never been heard before.

Victoria currently serves as Concertmaster of the Summerhill Orchestra, and Musician-In-Residence at the Heliconian Club, and is proudly endorsed by D’Addario Canada

Sing! Retro-oke with Retrocity

Thursday May 30, 8:00 PM, Pay What You Can

Eight amazing musicians make up Retrocity, a band of a cappella singers who will electric boogaloo their way through your favourite tunes from the 1980s and beyond, without a Casio or drum machine in sight. In this one-of-a-kind event, the band will invite you to get up on stage to perform your favourite songs from the 80s, acting as your all-vocal, live “back-up band.” 

This show has two sets. Retrocity will play a selection their most popular songs during the first set, while prospective singers sign up. Set two, is all you.




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