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Issue 195

June 2019

Beer Of The Month | The Good Tap | Take Out Season | Trivia Night XIV | Leah's Beer School | Featured Shows


Beer Of The Month

Henderson's Best

5.5%, 30 IBU, Henderson Brewery

Henderson’s Best is an award-winning brew with a modern take on a classic English Ale. Moderately hopped and malt-forward, this beer has a mild floral nose and caramel flavours. It is well-balanced, smooth, and easy drinking.


A Buck-A-Beer For The Better: The Good Tap

Whippet Hopfenweisse

5.5%, Black Lab Brewing

The Good Tap is a monthly rotating tap feature curated by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. This month, the Ladies and Black Lab Brewing bring us Whippet Hopfenweisse, combining a classic German hefeweizen with a New England IPA.  Double dry hopped with Azacca hops and using a weizen yeast strain, this beer showcases dank and fruity hop flavours with a rich mouthfeel and balanced bitterness.

Donations of $1 for every pint and $0.50 from every half pint will go directly to the Ladies charity of choice, the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Take Out Season

Feel like a picnic in the park without the effort of packing and planning? Let us do the work for you. You can order and pay online and we’ll have your favourites fresh and ready to go, tout de suite.


Trivia Night XIV

The Sporting Life

Wednesday June 19, 8:00 PM, Free Admission

Even if you’re not the sporty type and have always avoided watching the big game there is still plenty of sports trivia that pervades the public psyche. There are enough big shots and bat flips to keep even the most casual fan in the game.


Leah's Beer School

Lesson 7: For Every Beer, A Saison

Originating in Wallonia, Belgium, the saison is an elusive beer with a diverse history. Instead of pertaining to a specific flavour or brewing technique, a saison describes a loosely related family of beer. Historically, saisons are thought to date back to the start of agriculture when beer was brewed during colder months for consumption during the harvest season. They were rarely distributed outside of the immediate region and as a result, recipes varied greatly. 

Seasonal workers or les saisonniers were hired by farms to work as labourers over the busy summer months. Spending their days in the fields, farmhands needed a potable drink that was both refreshing and fortifying.  At the time, access to clean water was difficult and beer proved to be the safest option. One historian suggests that during Middle Ages, the average consumption level of low gravity (alcohol) beer was around 5 litres per day. 

With the rise of mechanization, the need for farmhands declined significantly and the last of the farmhouse breweries disappeared after WWII. At the same time, there was a rising demand for stronger foreign beer as consumers wanted beer with a softer taste, more clarity and a longer shelf life. Fighting back against foreign influence, Belgian brewers started making higher gravity beer with many traditional saisons serving as the basis for these new brews. 

Historically, saisons were dry, refreshing ales with an average strength of 3-3.5%. They had a wine-like character, vinous and sour with some farmhouse funk. The sourness of saisons, closer to that of a traditional gueuze, can be attributed to open-air fermentation and exposure to naturally occurring bacterias such as lactobacillus. Over the years, brewing techniques advanced significantly and brewers gradually attained a less infected beer, which became less sour. In contrast to traditional saisons, modern versions have a more elevated ABV of 4.5-6.5%.  

Although historic farmhouse breweries have all but vanished, Brasserie Dupont managed to survive both world wars. Founded in 1920, and housed in a 19th century farmhouse, Brasserie Dupont successfully combines traditional and modern brewing philosophies. A classic beer in the farmhouse style, Brasserie Dupont’s Vieille Provision, is bone-dry, hoppy, spicy and highly effervescent blond ale that pays homage to the past, while serving as the prototype for modern saisons.


Featured Shows

Women In Music Vol. 10

Sunday July 7, 6 PM, advance tickets available soon

Lora Ryan is hard at work putting together a stellar lineup for the next Women in Music Showcase on July 7th.  Tickets will be available soon, so be sure to put the date on your calendar.


Funked Up Friday with STEED

Friday June 21, 9:00 PM, free admission, suggested donation $10

STEED is a Toronto based folk-rock & Canadiana band known for its delicate harmonies, crunchy tones and break-your-heart songwriting. With original tunes influenced by The Band, Steve Earle and John Prine, Steed will tug at your heartstrings with soulful ballads and will also have you getting down with old-time country jams.

Catch Steed during their three-month residency at C’est What? every 3rd Friday of the month for June, July and August

This Frontier Needs Heroes

with Chris & Nicole

Sunday June 16, 7:00 PM, Pay What You Can

This Frontier Needs Heroes is the moniker of singer-songwriter Brad Lauretti, a Brooklyn, New York native based in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by songwriters John Prine, Billy Bragg and Kris Kristofferson, Brad draws on themes of love, protest and humor, creating distinctly unique yet relatable music.  

Chris & Nicole is a Toronto based folk duo that never fail to impress and always put on an excellent live show. Don’t miss Chris & Nicole with their full band Sunday, June 16th. 

Click this link to see a clip from Chris & Nicole’s last live show at C’est What.  



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