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Issue 198

September 2019

Beer Of The Month | The Good Tap | Beer Dinner | Trivia Night XVII | Beer Festival | Leah's Beer School | Featured Shows


Beer Of The Month

Hibiscus Sour

4.2%, Side Launch Brewing

Red fruit aromas dominate this mouth-puckering brew, supported by subtle floral and citrus notes. This beer showcases hibiscus, rosehips and lemon zest, with a clean and refreshingly tart finish.


A Buck-A-Beer For The Better: The Good Tap

Riot Queen Berliner Weisse

3.0%, Rainhard Brewing

The Good Tap is a monthly rotating tap feature curated by the Society of Beer Drinking LadiesThis month, the Ladies and Rainhard Brewing bring us Riot Queen, a crisp and tart Berliner Weisse perfectly balanced with orchard peaches and spicy fresh ginger.

Donations of $1 for every pint and $0.50 from every half pint will go directly to the Ladies charity of choice, the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Beer Dinner

Featuring Cowbell

Tuesday September 17, available 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Our chef, Dan, is teaming up with Cowbell Brewing to put on a four-course dinner with four matching brews (5 ounce servings). Dan and Stephen from Cowbell will be on site between 7 and 9 to talk food, beer, and why they’re sometimes better together.

No advance tickets necessary.


Trivia Night XVII


Wednesday September 18, 8:00 PM, Free Admission 

There are millennia of facts, suppositions, and myths about one of the worlds favourite beverages. During Toronto Beer Week we will put your knowledge of all things beer to the test.


Best Of Toronto Beer Week Festival

32nd Annual Festival Of Canadian Craft Breweries

Friday September 20, 5:00 PM to Midnight, Free Admission

C’est What’s 32nd annual Fall Festival Of Canadian Craft Breweries will feature four dozen of the best beers showcased during Toronto Beer Week. As has been the custom for the last three decades, admission is free and most beer samples available for a loonie. Check our Untapped menu in the days leading up to festival for the full line up.


Leah's Beer School

Lesson 10: Hop Talk

There’s a lot of “hop talk” that gets thrown around when discussing beer. So, what’s the difference between dried hops and a dry hopped beer? And, are fresh hops and wet hops just two different names that mean the same?

Dry Hopping & Dried Hops 

A common misconception is that dry hopping involves harvesting and drying hops, but dry hopping actually refers to a brewing process where additional hops are added during fermentation to enhance flavours and aromas of a beer.

Dried hops, on the other hand, are hops that have been harvested and dried. After clearing the fields, hops are moved to drying rooms where they are spread across the floor and dried with hot air. To optimize preservation, most hops are shaped into pellets after being dried and can be used for up to 3 years. Alternatively, hops are sometimes kept intact as whole hop cones, which have a more limited shelf life of approximately one year.

Fresh Hops and Wet Hops 

According to Brewer’s Association guidelines, “fresh or wet hop” beer has to be made from freshly picked hop cones. These hop cones can either be kilned (dried) or unkilned (wet). Most breweries are consistently using wet, undried hops for this style of beer, using the terms “fresh” and “wet hop” interchangeably.

Fresh or wet hop beers can only be made during harvest season, which in North America is from late August to early September. These hops expire relatively quickly and must be used within approximately 24 hours of harvest.

What makes this particular beer style unique is that hop cones have high levels of acids, oils and aromatics with grassy, plant-like and “green” flavours, but without the bitterness of a beers brewed with massive amounts of dry hops. The harvest season is upon us, so you’ll be seeing a new crop of these fresh/wet hop beers very soon. Be sure to try this seasonal delight while you can.


Featured Shows


Jazz Matinées, every Saturday afternoon, beginning September 14 at 3PM. After a summer-long hiatus, our Saturday matinee music program is back and in full swing.

The Victor Monsivais Trio will kick things off on September 14, with Swing, Bossa and Latin beats. They effortlessly achieve the swing groove, which invokes that indescribable mood and romance of a Manhattan evening in the fifties, when they perform jazz standards. The rarely heard hard-smooth Brazilian rhythm and harmonies, that recreate the aura of "alegría & saudade" of a quiet night in Copacabana, when they do Bossa. And when the Trio preforms Latin music, they bring out the sensual rhythms and sounds, which carry the listener to a hot evening Tropicana session in Havana. 


The Hot Five Jazzmakers will return to the stage on Saturday, September 21, and will perform as bi-weekly guests. The Hot Five have been honing their presentation and repertoire at C’est What for over 30 years and have developed a solid regular following. Their style derives from the pre-depression era covering classic and revivalist jazz, spirituals, blues, and ragtime. Their jazz reflects formative artists such as Armstrong, Morton, Waller and the like. 


The Boxcar Boys will once again grace our stage Saturday, October 12, delivering a veritable gumbo of wild gypsy, Dixieland jazz, Klezmer, and folk music performed with a good time New Orleans spirit.


Too Dumb To Quit

Sunday, September 15, 9 PM, PWYC

Starting on September 15, and running every other Sunday, we’re inviting a ramshackle mob of veteran and new local musicians to play some tunes. Not quite an open mic, but more of a loosely curated "who's up next,” that features an eclectic community of Toronto performers. Entry is pay what you can.



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