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Issue 164

February 2016

Anniversary Issue 

28 Candles | Brewery Of The Month | FeBREWary | Matinee Madness | Refugee Response Update

28 Candles

Our Birthday: February 13


In a couple of years we will have to start referring to C'est What as a thirty-something. Even though we started our love affair with Toronto before many of our guests were born, some things never get old. Good food, beer, music, and people are timeless.

The halcyon days of craft beer were defiinitely not to be found in 1988. When we became Toronto's first craft beer bar we had the choice of Brick, Creemore, Conner's, Upper Canada, and Wellington. Now there are over two hundred brewery licenses issued in Ontario. Back in the day most people chose their brand early in adulthood based on an affinity for the marketing campaign (Dry-Ice-Light anyone?).

Since the early days of the craft beer revolution there have been beer fanatics who restlessly and relentlessly search for the next taste sensation, recording their conquests in notebooks, or more recently on sites like Untappd. Unfortunately the popularity of craft beer has spawned a different creature, the beer snob. Once restricted to the world of wine, the snob thinks that they have been put on earth to make everyone else feel small. While knowing the difference between Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Brettanomyces is interesting to some, the important thing is to keep an open mind when exploring the world of ales and sours and find what you like. Loving extreme bitterness in beer doesn't qualify you as a better beer drinker any more than dousing your food in Siracha makes you a better eater.

When it comes to the subject of taste there is only one truism, everyone is different. We do our best to give everyone a number of good reasons to visit and explore. As Steve Jobs once said: "It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."


Beer Of The Month

Bitter Waitress

86 IBU, 7.1% ABV


Aggressively bold, earthy and intense, this beer has every right to be as bitter and dark as it wants to be.  A medium-full bodied ale loaded with hops and balanced with roasted malts and hints of black licorice. Drink responsibly, tip generously.



Beau's Beer Of The Week


Why a beer celebration in the darkest days of winter? Because Old Man Winter needs a kick in the snowpants, that’s why! Our five-week midwinter celebration of all things craft-brewed and tasty features a brand-new Beau’s beer released every week

Week 1, Feb 4: TYRANNOSAURUS GRUIT GRUIT ALE • 5.8% Tyrannosaurus Gruit is a red gruit ale made with hibiscus flowers and red malt. Organic spruce tips and juniper berries add a distinct experience of woodsiness and conifer resins.

Week 2, Feb 11: EMBITTERMINT I.P.A. • 7.0% Embitterment I.P.A. is an India Pale Ale that blends and balances the more delicate and floral characteristics of select hops and mints. Brewed with organic spearmint and peppermint.

Week 3, Feb 18: FARM TABLE PILS • 4.7% A traditional Pilsner with the regional characteristics of those brewed in the northern part of Germany. Less mellow or “soft” than some Pils; delivers a pleasantly snappy, bracing hop character with each sip.

Week 4, Feb 25: ELEPHANT MONSOON PEANUT BUTTER & GRAPE PORTER • 6.7% A delicious duo meets a classic beer style in what we are calling a “PB & Grape” porter. The nicely roasted malt character of a Porter ale gets a fun, flavourful twist with the addition of organic peanut butter and concord grape juice.

Week 5, Mar 3: KORU BELGIAN-STYLE PALE ALE • 6.0% Koru boasts interesting spicy, peppery yeast notes, with tropical fruit inflections from New Zealand Rakau and Nelson-Sauvin hops. Complex and tasty, with a dry finish.


Matinee Madness

Jazzy Saturday afternoons


There's more happening in Old Town on Saturdays than the St. Lawrence Market (although that is pretty special): Every Saturday afternoon from 3 to 6 you can grab some tasty local fare and enjoy some lively music performed on alternate weeks by our house bands The Boxcar Boys and The Hot Five Jazzmakers.

The Boxcar Boys create their distinct and energetic sound by weaving together a captivating bevy of folk traditions, Dixieland jazz and Klezmer, all performed with a good time New Orleans spirit. Their shows are joyous acoustic celebrations featuring 6 inimitable musicians on clarinet, tuba, fiddle, trombone, accordion and washboard.

The Hot Five Jazzmakers style derives from the pre-depression era covering classic and revivalist jazz, spirituals, blues, and ragtime. Their jazz reflects formative artists such as Armstrong, Morton; Waller and the like. A good natured delivery and guest appearances by touring traditional jazz and blues musicians have helped develop a solid regular following. Now every performance has become a social event. Their next performance marks their 27th year playing at C'est What.


Refugee Response Update


The Cathedral Church of St. James is at the centre of a downtown non-denominational effort to sponsor refugee families in settling in Toronto this year. So far they've raised about $30,000 of the $100,000 needed.

Any contribution is welcome and tax deductable. Click here for the online donation link.




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