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Music, November 2019 E-News

Paragon Cause and Alonso

Paragon Cause and Alonso, Saturday, November 23 at 9PM

Gatineau/Ottawa band Paragon Cause is a musical duo that has taken an eclectic approach to their music influences, fusing disparate sounds including hip-hop, jazz piano, ‘80s synthesizers and ‘50s guitars to deliver their personal brand of atmospheric rock-tinged electronica.

Hailing from southern Ontario, Marnie is a trained jazz singer, with a voice that effortlessly captures qualities both modern and timeless. Kirwan, a Cape Breton native, offers a perfect counterpoint to Marine’s influences by adding a little rock to the mix, urban percussive rhythms, shimmering ‘50s melodrama and gothic undertones.


The music of ALONSO is a drama of intricately crafted songs with trip hop, dub and deep house combined with Chapman Stick, digitally altered classical guitars, reimagined analog synths and intimately lyrical vocals.

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