Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you need to be to come to C'est What?

You must be 19 or older or accompanied by a parent or guardian to come to C’est What.

Do you take reservations?

Generally, not for groups of less than 20. Instead, we work on a first come, first served basis. If you have a group of 20 or more, head here for more info.

Do you have live music?

Yes! Also Trivia and an Open Mic night! Find a full list of events here.

Do you have Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Dairy Free options?

Yes! We offer a selection of meals that accommodate most food allergies, dietary restrictions and intolerance. You can click on the Ingredients toggle in our online menu which gives you a list of the ingredients in each of our dishes.

All deep-fried items are cooked in the same oil. While we try to identify potential allergens, those with life-
threatening reactions need to use caution and eat at their own risk.

Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes! Including non-alc cocktails, draught beer, canned cider & beers and draught Kombucha! Sobering to know, isn’t it?

Where did the name C’est What come from?

The etymology is a little hazy after over three decades but the legend spun by our founder involves a quantity of beer and a loud party. He was asked the name of the yet to be built restaurant and responded: “Say what?”

Have you always been in this building?

Yes, since 1988. Before we moved into the space, it was used as storage for a furniture store. The building was renovated and repurposed to offices in the early eighties. Previously it was warehousing space that originally served the wharfs that dominated the area when the lakeshore was located in between The Esplanade and Front Street.

Do you have a second location?

This is the only full-service location. If you are in the Pickering area on a Saturday, you can pop in for a beer at the C’est What Durham Brewing taproom.

Who is Al?

The name Al, in Al’s Cask Ale, comes from Alan Moore. Alan was C’est What’s first brewmaster back in the mid-nineties.

Do you brew at C'est What?

We have never “brewed” at C’est What. Back in 1993 we started brewing at Select Brewing, a brew-your-own facility set up in what is now Liberty Village. We would transport these brews back to C’est What for fermentation and finishing. By 1996 Durham Brewing opened and took over some of the brewing. By the end of that decade Durham was producing all of the C’est What branded beer.

How do I submit a request for my band to play at C’est What?

First, learn how to sing or play an instrument. Then head here and fill out the form.

How do I get our Brewery’s beer on tap?

We serve the finest Ontario craft beer from the GTA and outlying areas.  We ask prospective brewers to adhere to the following guidelines:
Single Batch Brewing – The contents of each brew kettle are used for only one beer.
All Natural Ingredients – The ingredients used should be easily recognized as “natural” and, if modified, must retain their essential character.
Fresh – Beer tastes best fresh, not when it’s pasteurized and processed to sit on a ship or shelf for months.

Please contact our Beer Boss, Leah, here.

Tranquilizers work only if you follow the advice on the bottle – keep away from children.

Phyllis Diller