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We’re busy cleaning, tidying and getting ready to re-open after our hopefully short-lived hiatus. We found that drinking beer “sparked joy”, so we had a few of our favourite pints too.

We’ll keep you posted on when C’est What will re-open, but until then stay happy, healthy and safe.

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Toronto's first choice in craft beer and comfort food can be found in the charming cellar of a historic building in the St. Lawrence Market area. Featuring 42 fine Canadian brews on tap, an all Ontario VQA wine list, art, indie music, games, and pool tables, C’est What has true local flavour.

C’est What is Toronto’s original craft beer and wine restaurant. We have always shown an appreciation of the things that make our city great leaving the Irish to have their own kind of pubs, the French their own style of wine, the Americans their own roadhouse food, and top-forty music to radio stations. Since first opening our doors in 1988 we have been a proud Canadian cultural ambassador.

As our founder, George, says: “If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Our mission to showcase the best of Toronto keeps us showing up for work every day - well, that and the beer.”

Facts all come with points of view.

Talking Heads, Cross-eyed And Painles

Environmental laws were not passed to protect our air and water, they were passed to get votes.

Frank Zappa, Introduction - Joe's Garage

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