Legion of Saints, Field Study and Countless Numbers

Legion of Saints, Field Study and Countless Numbers
Saturday, March 21 at 9PM

Legion of Saints is a four-piece independent alternative-rock band based out of Ottawa. Their songs feature intricate guitar hooks and catchy choruses, with a sound that embraces a mix of high and low distortion guitars, low to mid-range punchy bass and powerful drums. 

Band members include lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Bryce Atkinson, lead guitarist Floro Bely Jr., bassist Shawn Bowser, and drummer Sebastian Bax. Active since 2010, the band has been busy performing high-energy shows, while promoting their newest EP Killing the Silence (2019).

Countless Numbers tell their story through honest songwriting, rolling basslines, hard truths, and soft angles. They are Cary, Devin, Tristan and Lionel.

Countless Numbers have two EPs, Won (2017) and Seconds (2019), which were recorded and mixed at Lincoln County Social Club by the John Dinsmore.

Field Study is Caleb Stull, Colin Gibson, Robb Johannes, and Shawn Killaly. Their two albums, Everything Moves and Feverland, are available for streaming everywhere good music is found. Art rock for ass shaking.