Emerald Bay and Gravely James

Emerald Bay and Gravely James Sunday, November 17, 7PM

Emerald Bay is a Canadian Celtic Rock Band known for performing original songs inspired by the daily lives of Canadians, as well as current and historical events. They perform beautiful heart wrenching tunes, uplifting original sea shanties, and fun sing along songs that capture the ups and downs of life and love. Emerald Bay brings high energy and wicked harmonies that will have you dancing and singing along. 

Gravely James, or Chris Madronich, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from the steel city of Hamilton and raised on the bays of Port Colborne. With roots in blues, soul and rock and roll, Gravely James’ performances are notorious for breaking strings, hard-stomping feet, and aggressive riffs played through a worn-out acoustic guitar that refuses to quit.