Where’s Al?

It’s been a while since one of our brews has been available in the LCBO. We are currently going through the process to get Al’s Cask Ale into the system and on the shelves of a store near you sometime in March. The big question is: Where do you want to see Al? Which LCBO or grocery store is most convenient for you?

Please message us to let us know and we’ll ask the store manager to stock the beer. We’ll also invite you to the launch party.

Al’s Cask Ale in cans is a mini-cask of all-Cascade hopped, malt-forward, smooth, sessionable pale ale in the tradition of an English bitter. 4.3% ABV, 27 IBU.

*Nitro-infused, cask-in-a-can: For best flavour and presentation, gently shake five times, wait five seconds, open and pour into the centre of a pint glass. Watch a pouring demonstration.